About Bama B&B

Located just two blocks from Bryant Denny Stadium, you’ll love our campus location! Built in 1823, this antebellum home is the epitome of southern elegance. Our 5th president, James Monroe, signed the original patent-deed on the home. This graceful beauty offers five historic, and unique, guest suites.The 1823’s Capstone Suite, The 1860’s Tusk Suite, The 1900’s Crimson Suite, and The 1950’s Sweet Home Alabama Suite. Add our Sweetheart Package for the perfect romantic weekend getaway!

Meet the Innkeepers

Marc & Kim Roberts are both 28-year veteran teachers that are now retired from teaching.  They embarked on a new adventure many years ago as B&B owners, and Game-Day property managers.  Their success with this new adventure led them to an early retirement so that they could allow the business to grow.  That growth now includes their Bama Lakeside Retreat, their campus B&B, and over 40 Game-Day rental homes that they manage - the only game-day managers in Tuscaloosa!

Marc & Kim have an interesting history!  They met when Kim was just 16 years old, and dated for 3 years with Kim in Chicago, and Marc in Tuscaloosa.  This is even more impressive when you realize that this was back in the days of no cell phones or emails!  Eventually, Kim came to the great UofA to attend college, and the two of them married after graduation.  They settled in Tuscaloosa to begin their teaching careers, and to work as youth directors at their church, Trinity United Methodist.  In the early years of their marriage, they also became foster parents to 25 foster children, eventually adopted 3 of these foster children, and then had 2 birth children.  On December 16th of 2000, at 1:05pm, their home sustained a direct hit by an F-4 tornado while they huddled in a closet with their children.  After surviving this terrifying event, they gathered up their children and belongings, headed to a new part of Tuscaloosa, and built their dream house on a small private lake south of town - and far away from the visual destruction of the tornado.  A mere 4 years after their beautiful new home was completed, it was destroyed by fire at 3:30am on Oct. 12th, 2006 by a squirrel that caused an electrical fire.  The house had to be bull-dozed and completely rebuilt, but the entire family just put on their marching boots and marched forward with the rebuilding of their new home, and were able to return back home just one year later.  This was not the end of their excitement, though.  They had a rental house destroyed by a fire in 2008, and 3 other rental houses sustained significant damage during the April 2011 tornado outbreak.  They have justifiably earned the label as “The Disaster Family!”

Despite these many losses, Marc, Kim, and their children continued to love hosting visitors in the home.  Some of their former guests include Hurricane Katrina Victims, and foreign guests they hosted through the University of Alabama’s Foreign Language Department.  These adventures, as well as their first stay in a B&B in Hawaii with their kids, led them down the path to eventually starting their own bed and breakfast here in Tuscaloosa.

The Bama B&B is a true family affair!  Each of their 5 children help out in various ways with the B&B.  Melissa handles their social media & website, and Amy helps with cooking on big weekends when her own full-time jobs allows. Amanda is Autistic, so she lives at home helping as Mom’s “sous-chef” for breakfast most mornings.  Kristina graduated from UofA, and she now works full-time in the business answering phones, taking reservations,  and maintaining office records. William, the baby of the family, and only boy, is attending Middle Tennessee State University working on a commercial airline pilot degree, and helping with the B&B as school allows.  Kim’s parents, Bob & Yvonne, lived at the campus B&B for the first 2 years after Marc and Kim purchased it, and they continue to help out as needed in many different ways since they live just a short distance from the B&B.  

So, come for a visit soon, and you’ll get to meet many of the family members during your stay!